1042DM                                                     1042_generalaire_humidifier_flow_through



Air quality is only a CONCERN outdoors, isn’t it? Not true! Since most people spend as much as 90% of their time at home indoors, the air inside your home can be even more of a concern to your health and comfort. In winter, the relative humidity in the average house can drop to as little as 5%. Compare that to the average 25% relative humidity of the Sahara Desert and you can see why the air inside your home can seriously affect your health and comfort.


  • A highly efficient flow-through unit that delivers 19.2 GPD. (Replacement pad part number 990-13) Ideal for Add-on/Replacement and new home installations. A portion of the heated air from the furnace passes through a water-soaked pad where it absorbs additional moisture and then returns for distribution throughout your home. An M-2 low voltage humidistat is included.
  • 2 year limited warranty.

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