Bi Energy Furnace



We distribute the Dettson AME series. The company has been manufacturing heating systems since 1952. The electric-oil bi-energy furnace allows you to choose your source of heat. The use of a bi-energy furnace is one of the most economical ways of heating your home. This type of furnace permits you to benefit from the Hydro-Quebec DT rate. Here are some of the furnace’s characteristics:

  • 77 000 to 101 000 BTU heating capacity with oil.
  • 51 000 to 85 000 BTU heating capacity with electricity.
  • Electric element of 15 000 to 25 000 watts.
  • High efficiency Beckett burner.- Quiet combustion chamber.
  • 1 year warranty, 5 years on parts, lifetime warranty on heat exchanger.

Available financing BMO RBC TD CIBC BNC Banque Scotia