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Turner Heating Turner Heating has been a family run business serving the West Island since 1951 when Ross Turner, its founder opened Town and Country Fuels. They specialized in selling heating oil and developed a loyal customer base, before selling the business to Petro Canada in 1996. It didn’t take long for customers to speak up and let it be known that they wanted the same service they had been receiving for 45 years from Turner’s operation. And so, in 2000, Turner Heating was born. They offer a wide range of heating and cooling products to its customers and have earned themselves a reputation for personalized, 24 hour emergency service and reliability. Rare in this day and age, they are still a family run business. Ross’s son Glenn who now runs the show, along with the heating oil the company sells, now offers a full range of high efficiency hot water heaters, oil furnaces and air-conditioners. They will install and maintain every unit they sell with the personalized service for which the company is famous. Every heating and cooling unit sold by the company, is installed by a Turner Heating technician,  and can boast of being a member of the Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec (CMMTQ), the governing body for master pipe fitters and technicians in the province. Turner Heating They do not stop with furnaces either. Also specializing in installing chimney linings to reduce heat loss and increase the efficiency of the units they sell and install. If you’re looking to change your oil tank, Turner Heating can do that as well. The law does not require you to change them but the insurance companies have recently started to ask for it. It comes down to common sense. Your contribution to help clean up the environment is to ensure that you have the proper heating equipment in place. With Glenn Turner at the helm of this growing company, they are moving in a new direction while maintaining its core values. He’s determined to stay true to his father’s vision of offering reliable, high quality service. The company has taken it’s commitment to the quality of the products it sells with an added focus on minimizing fuel consumption and emissions, while maximizing the efficiency of its heating and cooling units. Discover our services

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